5 Reasons for the Decline of Tobacco Industry

August 08, 2014

Look around, have you noticed? There are fewer smokers puffing outside the office building, college campus, restaurants, and other public places. You might have heard many of your friends quit or try to quit cigarettes. This global phenomenon caused many to wonder, why? The smoking rate is declining faster than ever, since 2000, cigarette consumption has dropped 3.4 percent annually. In the Federal Trade Commission Cigarette Report for 2009 shows the number of cigarettes sold and given away in the United States fell by 10 percent, one of the biggest declines on record! In recent years, the rapid growth of electronic cigarette sales might be the primary reason; however, the followings also contribute to the decline of the tobacco sales....

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Misconceptions of Vaping Debunked

July 29, 2014

  Most newcomers to any industries face challenges. Especially when it comes to talking about a sensitive industry like tobacco. As a newcomer in the industry, vaping products are igniting hot debates over safety, pricing, and satisfaction. While some believe vaporizers/electronic cigarettes are the savior of the market, many consumers are questioning if they are in fact, safe, cost-effective, and satisfying.   Safety: So, are they safe? While nicotine is addictive, e-cigarettes and vaporizers don’t burn harmful chemicals like traditional cigarettes. Instead of burning 600 harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, vaping consist of heating up e-liquid and give you the sensation that equivalent to smoking.   Pricing: How much do I save? e-Cigarettes and vaporizers operate by rechargeable batteries....

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5 Reasons Why “Vaping” Is Awesome!

July 11, 2014

  ABOVE STATICS Report shows nearly every single person “98%” who made the switch to vaping, immediately cut down on the amount of tobacco from a regular cigarette. Out of the 98%, more than three quarters “77%” gave up smoking completely and only vape. “63%” of people who were involved in the study found a significant improvement with smokers cough and “70%” of the people reported increased lung capacity. Finally we see that “72.9%” of people improved their ability to exercise. Vaping is certainly safer than traditional smoking and allows users to adjust nicotine intake: read more - What’s in your e-liquid. "Make the Switch" and take control over your sensations.    

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How Vaping Can Improve Sex Drive

June 03, 2014

  Did you know vaping can help improve your sex drive? Smoking traditional cigarettes interferes with all aspects of sexual health from initial attraction to sexual performance and beyond. This article discuss the impacts of traditional cigarettes in comparison to vaporizers.     HOW REGULAR CIGARETTES SMOKING AFFECT YOUR SEX LIFE Regular cigarettes have a negative impact on a smoker’s sex life. Traditional tobacco cigarettes consist of many different toxins and other chemicals that enter the blood system. Yup, you guessed it gentlemen – LIBIDO MALFUNCTION! Regular cigarette smoking reduces stamina and energy levels, thereby declining one’s ability to have a long and romantic sex. So forget having good sex if you’re a big time smoker of regular cigarettes.  ...

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